Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free Burger Friday and I got my car back!

After Jazzercise and Coffee on Friday I got my FREE burger at Back Yard Burger. All I had to do was get in line, and they handed me a ticket, I was #92 around 11am, and order my burger. I have been mad a BYB, but I'm not missing out on free food! That burger was delicious! 
I got a call that my car was fixed and ready! For some reason as I was cleaning out my stuff out of the rental car Lennox and Lane wanted to hang out in the car. They love going for 'rides in the car..sometimes I can't get them out. It's really more Lennox than Lane, I used to go to Knoxville so much to see Tony he got used to it, I think Lane does it to be like Lennox. 
Problem is...Lane sheds and his white hair on the black seats didn't make the manager at Hertz in Lakeland very happy. Yes, he's a UT Grad and still wanted to charge me $100 for a detailing fee for Lane's hairs on the seat. I tried to work the UT angle, but it didnt work. I have my corporate account with Avis and they have NEVER tried to charge me for anything like this. So I was going to use the vacuum at Memphis Collision before they dropped me off, but the nice guy who drove me said he was not going to worry about it and just send it the the airport. Oh, the UT Grad manager at Hertz was in the band...hmmmmm..maybe that explains it. 
My car looks great! Way better than before!! They even detailed it before giving it back to me! 
That night we grilled out and Randy and Diane came over and Ben and his wife Jessica. This was our first time meeting Jessica who just got in from Peru. 
Everyone loves to get their pictures made with Lennox and Lane who are Cordova Celebrities! 

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