Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jennifer's Shower and American Idol Finale at Skimo's

So I'm a week late with this post, but last Sunday Jessica, Katie, Jennifer, Amy, Andrea and I celebrated Emma coming in July..we all can't wait to meet her. Jennifer had a Sip and See The Nursery and we had a fun time..the nursery is adorable! 

Wednesday night, Shannon, Andrea and I went to watch the American Idol finale at Skimo's on Houston Levee. It s a great place and they agreed to show American Idol on one of their flat screens AND turn the volume up. I think most people wanted to watch it anyway. Tony would have loved it because where we sat, we could see the NBA game AND American Idol(see the photo below). Too bad he was outta town. Andrea and Shannon were good sports and came out even though they had not really been watching this season. And yes, I was shocked that Kris won, but it's all good, Adam will still get to do his thing somewhere. Both finalists are very talented! And if you havent been to Skimo's and you don't live in Cordova, it is worth the drive! 

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