Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving at the Georges'

Last Saturday I think was their 7th annual party. We had moved that day, so I was way to tired to carve one. Tony's brother Shamus had come in town to help us with the move, so we wanted to take a break and do one fun thing :) 

Smokey, begging as usual..

Bryce was the Dog Whisperer or something..they all followed him around..

How cute is little Harper as a banana?!?!

All the pumpkin contestants 

Avery and I love our Red Bull :) This is the biggest one I'd ever seen. 

With the Brown brothers..

Proof that Bryce did pay for Fantasy Football this year! 

Our 'pink' pin-up girl..

This is our girl Rosa in her Halloween costume, we think she needs to wear this when we see her. Isn't she HOT!?! Our mom is running the Race For the Cure Today and thinks Rosa would have been the perfect mascot for the event!! 

Lennox and Lane

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Dragon Photoshoot Outtakes

Ok, just so everyone knows. The dogs really don't mind being dressed up. All they have to do is sit there for about 3 shots and then they get a treat. Lennox is a TOTAL Pro. Lane, well Lane is Lane and he has ZERO attention span. He's the dog that does every single trick he knows when I have a treat in my hand to make sure he covers the bases. Lennox would sit and not move for hours, but Lane wanted to take his costume off of him or something, well..then wrestle. So here you have the outtakes of my dragons...

We don't always breathe fire, Sometimes we give kisses!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our new house...well one of them...

Here it is...the outhouse that I have been talking about. It is actually on the border of our property in the woods, but heck its right there behind our house and the city hasn't gotten it cleaned up yet! Everyone I talk to thinks we need to keep it. What do you think?

Kinda blurry, but this looks like they tried to install a real toilet and then tossed it aside..

Tony working on our draining system.

Addresses to thank those responsible for MAS raid

Thanks to Jan Courtney for getting us this list. They are forsure going to be hearing from me. 

Shelby County District Attorney Bill Gibbons and Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell announced Tuesday that deputies with the Sheriff’s Office had executed a search warrant at the City of Memphis Animal Shelter located at 3456 Tchulahoma Road in Memphis. 

If you would like to thank them for their involvement in this, the following are their addresses:

William L. Gibbons

District Attorney General

Shelby County District Attorney’s Office

201 Poplar Avenue, Third Floor

Memphis, TN  38103



Sheriff Mark H. Luttrell, Jr.
201 Poplar Ave.
Memphis, TN 38103


Also, below is the City of Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton’s address:


Mayor A C Wharton, Jr.
City Hall
125 N. Main St. Room 700
Memphis, TN 38103

(901) 576-6000 

In response to dog shot in home..

Preliminary investigation reveals when the officers arrived on the scene, they attempted to check the residence for signs of a break-in. While entering the back yard, the officers noticed a dog door. While attempting to back out of the yard, they were charged by two dogs. The officers advised they had no choice but to defend themselves and each shot one time at the dogs.

Inspectional Service Bureau made the scene to conduct a full investigation. It is policy for all shootings to be investigated by ISB. This incident will be handled like any other investigation.

Memphis Police Officers ARE trained on how to be vigilant of their surroundings. They are taught how to look for signs of a dog’s presence, but still have a duty to do their job.

Due to the large volume of burglary alarms, citizens who are owners of pets can assist officers in the following ways;

· Post “Beware of Dog” or “Dog on Premises” signs near the gates on your fence.

· Advise your alarm company provider that you have an animal on the premises and make sure the alarm company relays that information to officers.

· Secure a lock on each gate

In regards to the incident that occurred today, this investigation is ongoing. An update will be available upon the conclusion of the investigation.

Major Susan Lowe
Memphis Police Department
Research & Development

Talk Shit Like Lane Kiffin...I'm a Pit Bull..

Ok, so my favorite artist is Lil' Wayne..I just love him and how talented he is..and his new song, Banned from TV, recognizes Lane Kiffin, my coach and Wayne also refers to himself as my favorite breed :) Also love the line 'dropped my best shit like the Cowboys dropped T Owens'...hahahaha! It is forsure going on my iPod for the Race for the Cure 5k..ha! probably be the only one running to it :) 

Sorry for the language if it offends you, but I love my Lil' Wayne! 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wow..revenge after a bad break up..

Don't piss off David Simmons..Kinda lightens the mood after all this awful MAS drama..I know not for his girlfriend, but still! 

Letter to the Editor-MAS problems..

Problems at the animal shelter

I adopted a dog from Memphis Animal Services Sept. 26 at the Woofstock festival in Overton Park. I was so excited about adding Carmen to our family and beginning what I hoped would be a long, loving relationship. I was wrong. Only two days later, she began to develop multiple symptoms that were diagnosed as distemper. I was home with her for three weeks, doing everything possible to save her. Five veterinarian visits and $500 later, we had to euthanize our 10-month-old, emaciated pup.

I suspect every dog adopted from Memphis Animal Shelter that day was infected with distemper and has since been euthanized, including Carmen's sister, "Trixie," who was adopted by Real Good Dog Rescue and euthanized the previous week. It appears this devastating outbreak of distemper is the result of the poor ventilation system at Memphis Animal Shelter and an inability to quarantine sick animals.

There must be a better system than the current situation at Memphis Animal Shelter. I doubt that the new shelter will solve many of the current problems, such as inadequate ventilation, as well as several additional problems inherent in poorly funded shelter situations, including poorly trained employees, insufficient protocol and a lack of post-adoption follow-up.

I am amazed that there is so little support for relatively affordable programs, such as free or low-cost spay and neuter services, that would effectively address the problem.

Reducing the number of homeless pets in Shelby County is the only reasonable solution to the current unacceptable situation, which includes an average euthanasia rate of 75 to 100 animals per day.

Barbara Standing


Spaytacular 2009

Please support this event to benefit Mid South Spay Neuter Services. The ONLY low cost spay neuter clinic in the Mid South. The more pets that are 'fixed' the less homeless dogs and cats on the street and those emails that we all get for puppies/kittens that need homes. MSNS is really trying to reach out to those that cannot afford to fix their pets to help solve some of the problem in the Mid South. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lots of Animal Issues Going on in Memphis

Just wanted to make everyone aware, even those of you that read my blog from Texas to New York to California, etc. There is a lot going on in Memphis today concerning animals and children. I am a member of the Animal Cruelty Taskforce as well as a on member on the Board of the Mid South Spay Neuter Services and really try my best to make everyone aware of what is going on in the community. I think when we are aware we make more conscious decisions. I have so much unpacking going on, but wanted to post this so if anyone wants to write letters etc..

Well last week the Memphis Police Department came to a home in High Point Terrace area, where I have two good friends that have homes in the area. This is a good area of town. There was an alarm going off and when the officers went into the back yard and Anna Bolton's mixed rescue dogs came running, the police shot and hit one of the dogs. Both were mixes, appearing to be lab and Shepherd mixes. When Bolton came home Violet was missing and her other dog, Bing was in a pool of blood. But the police have the right to do this!? An alarm is going off and you are so scared you shoot at two dogs? This really disgusts me bc my dogs are A LOT more scary looking and well might not be friendly to someone coming into out backyard. You know I don't know, they haven't ever done anything, but sure bark and don't look too nice when people have come up to the fence. But hello!!! This is what I actually want. I do not believe in having a gun, just didn't grow up around guns, but LIKE that people I don't know and probably don't want to know won't come into my fence after hearing my dogs bark or seeing them. Isn't this ok!? I mean I'm all for Pit Bull stereotypes to be brought down, but those burglars and home invaders, well let them think they shouldn't come into my house, right!? 

A couple of weeks ago we were at the Fox and Hound for football on a Sunday. I had on a Bengals TJ Houshmanzadeh jersey. This police officer kept following me around, it was weird, so I finally asked him if he needed something. Well TJ Houshmanzadeh now plays for the Seahawks and is one of our Fantasy players, also half Persian and I'm a huge fan. Well,  I was watching the Seahawks but he wanted to tell me that the Bengals game was on in the other room. I guess it bothered him that I was in the wrong/nonBengals room. Ok, so where am I going with this!? He decided he was going to talk to me about him being a Browns fan, etc, etc...and after some small talk, I asked him about another incident recently about some officers shooting someones Boxer. This Boxer came out of the home, according to the owners about the lick them to death. He then goes to tell me that he shoots Pit Bulls all the time. Ok, stop right there..this man had NO IDEA who he was talking to! He thought it was funny and took it back to say 2 times he has shot a Pit Bull. Once bc it was attacking a Poodle and another time when he was chasing a suspect and he ran into a house, when this police officer ran into the house there was a Pit Bull that came at him and he shot him! Well Tony hears him at this time and tells him that if someone shot one of our dogs, he would feel the right to shoot that person. Surprisingly coming from Tony who usually doesn't say much. I begin showing him pictures of Lennox and Lane in my phone and them dressed up in Halloween costumes, etc. He admits he has two Dalmatians  and loves them, bc they are a much better breed, and at this point after me telling him to stop shooting dogs, he walks off. Don't know if it helped change his mind, but why was a cop in full gear in a sports bar on a Sunday. He was a total weirdo and I wish I got his name, but I was too upset about what he said to us. 

My point is that the police think they have the right to do this, and it happens all the time. We just have heard about this case with Anna Bolton's dogs, and there is somewhat of a happy ending. Bing will be ok after lots of rehab, that Bolton will have to pay on her own, no help from the MPD and Violet was found under a neighbor's porch. Now before Violet came back, there was another animal issue, Pet Extortion. Lashira McClain had been calling Bolton and trying to extort money from her for the safe return of Violet, the dog that she didn't even have. McClain was in court today. 

Also this morning before 6am, Memphis Animal Services, the pound, the city shelter, was raided on grounds of animal abuse. ACT has been working on this after volunteers reported months ago about food shortages and starving dogs to the point of requiring euthanasia. Isn't this just sick. Our new mayor, Wharton, was on hand and immediately fired 10 employees. I'm glad he was on top of things and hopefully the conditions will improve with this investigation. 

On top of all of the animal stories that I follow I wanted to make note and send prayers to the community where 2 little boys have now both died after being left in their home when their mother went shopping and left these two boys, ages 2 and 3 in their home. Both were rushed to the hospital and have now died. Just a very sad and upsetting story that I have been following. You wonder how many other mothers think its ok to leave their kids locked in a room while they go and shop? I hope some of them see this story. 

I'm really hopeful that our new Mayor can really make some changes for child and animal welfare. Its a sad day for Memphis..

Monday, October 26, 2009

Keepin' Fast Food Restaurants in Business During the Move

From Thursday until now. Yep, got a little out of control with this. This is not including lunch from One and Only BBQ and Friday night's dinner at Osaka. If its weren't for Courtney and Diane and Randy bringing over some home made treats, we might of had to buy more fast food! Notice some of the logo's on here twice, yep, that represents 2 meals. Atleast we kept the variety!!

I never want to move again..

That was one of THE most stressful things I have ever done. Everything is out of the Cordova house and moved, but totally unorganized and a big 'ol mess in our new house. Again, I never want to do this again and I feel like I need to get very organized and have it together if we have to do this again...but I don't want to even think about moving all of this stuff again. I even had a couple 'mini' breakdowns. I was so tired and over stressed throughout the whole process. If we didn't have Tony's brother that came in from FL to help or my parents, this would have never happened. This was my first house to house move ever. I will get some pictures up as soon as I can. Gosh if I could only lay around all day and totally be a bum...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We bought Lennox a HOUSE for his birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to my big boy Lennox who turns 6 today!! And yes we closed on both homes today, there was a little drama involved, but we did close and have already taken a huge load to the new house. Poor Lennox will have to have a birthday party after the move, but he is patient and can wait. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Glad this won't be our fence much longer...

Lane has decided to start eating the fence so he can see what is behind it. I guess he is expanding the 'peep holes'. He did it on the other side where the little female dog lives and he barks/screeches at her. So I took these and put them on the table, then he took them again, I don't want splinters in his tongue!