Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Savannah, Tybee Island and Hilton Head

Well according to WREG we recorded the hottest day of the year today in Memphis..thank goodness I didn't have any running plans, or really any plans to be outside much. Slow day today so I thought I would share some pictures from our recent trip to Savannah, Tybee Island and Hilton Head over the 4th of July weekend.  Mika and Robert called us on  Sunday to tell us that they rented a house in Hilton Head (Sea Pines) for a week starting Saturday. Monday I booked Tony and I flights, but into Charleston, SC as they were $200 a piece cheaper. So I called up Erin who's boyfriend John lives in Savannah to see what they were up to for the 4th. Sure enough she was gonna be down there and we got to all hook up for a fun couple of days. We had tons of fun Friday night watching the fireworks in John's neighborhood on Skidaway Island, then out on the town in Savannah. After a minor contact setback (I was blind for an hour or so..hence the pink looking eye in the picture) I was good to go. Erin and I were in control after the boys had way too much fun at the bar-Kevin Barry's messing with the bartender who's name was Moses. We decided we all needed food at this point and went to Sweet Melissa's for their famous pizza according to Brooke, to no avail, they were out, so we ate hot dogs. Yes, went to get the famous pizza and they were out! The next day we played horseshoes (there is a first time for everything) on Tybee Island and fed the alligators at the Crab Shack. Tony and I made the hour and a half drive from there to Hilton Head that night to see Mika, Robert, Brayden, Addison and WesleyDog. Addison was majorly in the 9 month stage of not wanting to go to anyone but 'mommy and daddy' so we spent a lot of time with Brayden, who at 3 is now talking up a storm!! Whew! Conversations are mainly about the 5 T's- trucks, trains, trolleys, tractors,  Thomas, and Steam Rollers. We rode the trolley one night and he wanted to know where the trolley went 'night-night' bc we weren't about to ride it again, so we said he needed to go 'night-night".  Brayden asked on the phone before we came if Tony was 'Bringing his Steam Roller' Didn't know we had one!?!? We also did a lot of bike riding while we were there. That's the 'thing' in Sea Pines. I loved it and vowed that I would ride my bike more here. Like to Jazzercise and such, although I haven't yet. It's just been too hot! Oh and we did make it to the famous Salty Dog and ate on the patio there. I got Lennox and Lane souvenir bandannas there, which reminds me that I need to get a picture of them in those and share it with everyone. 

Monday, July 28, 2008

Walk. Run. FightAIDS 5k, Andrea gets 2nd place I got 4th!

Was that misleading!? I found pics of us on their website! And Andrea got 2nd place in our age group, I got 4th and am happy with that ;)  Poor Belinda got caught in the rain! 

No More Caspian for now..

Had a fun weekend!! Friday night Tony and I had the Oprah/Trump (Mar-a-Lago) burger over at Randy and Diane's. They were yummy, couldnt stay up too late, bc Andrea, Kelly, Belinda and I ran a 5k to benefit Friends for Life early the next morning. I had done a Hula for their Volunteer night and they seemed to be a great organization. It was a fun 5k, sorry no pictures, it poured rain right as we crossed the finish line and caught our breath. I did have one of my best times in the 31:5oish range. Andrea still beat me, but atleast I have someone to chase! We are doing one, maybe two this weekend and I'll try to take pics then. Saturday night we went to a fun shower for Katie and Michael. They have a lot of fun people in their wedding party that threw them a super-fun shower! I will add pictures later, because I do have some funny ones from that night.  Sunday we finally went and saw Batman. It was good, but not worth all the hype in my opinion. Maybe that's just not my genre of movie or something. Heath Ledger was AMAZING as the Joker and does deserve some sort of award, not sure an Oscar, but maybe a nomination, its still early...  Later that night we ate at Osaka, my favorite sushi spot in Memphis, with Julie and Greg.  Julie is starting a cake making company called Cake Couture, be on the lookout for that, when I get more info, I"ll blog about it. Today, Winter and I had lunch at Caspian Restaurant for the last time. They are closing down in hopes of reopening as a hookah lounge in the next month or so, keep your fingers crossed bc I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't eat koobideh or boneless chicken anymore in Memphis!!!!! We were the last ones in there...ever..well until they open back up as a Hookah Bar...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Muddy Grey Goose BlackBerry's

Well I got a BlackBerry yesterday!! I have been using a regular cell phone and my Sidekick for years. I love my Sidekick, but the BlackBerry rocks! I lost my cell in Vegas at 40/40 (never drink Grey Goose straight from the bottle!) and was using a old, old phone, I got sick of it and finally got the new Curve! So now I have to decide, am I keeping the BlackBerry AND the Sidekick? I like having 2 phones, so we will see. Lane got a Dogster page yesterday too. Long overdue! Today I walked dogs at the Humane Society today and we tried a great lunch spot, Muddy's Bake Shop! It was super girly and cute. Regina, Courtney, Brett and I tried out their sandwiches and fabulous desserts. There were only 3 sandwich choices, but about 15 different flavors of cupcakes and lots of other sweets! I hinted that my birthday is coming up soon (August 27th, I love birthday's) and a cake from there would be oh-so yummy! This month they are donating a percentage of sales to the Humane Society, so we double-benefited the HSMSC today!! After lunch I helped enter dog pictures for the HSMSC Dog Calendar. When the calendar entries get online, you all must, must, must vote for Lane and Lennox to make it into the calendar!Everyone will get email reminders on this.  I am having some bellydance drama too and when I feel like it, I'll fill everyone in..stay tuned..I will leave you with a funny picture from a Luau I did at Chick-Fil-A last month..the weather was looking bad so we danced inside right in the ordering line! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sexy, Sizzlin, Sixty

That's what the card said that I sent to my mom for her birthday. Yep, my mom Judy is 60, and looks great! She will be celebrating in Knoxville today. We need to get her down here so we can take her out on the town. Happy-Happy Birthday Mom!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Well I have been wanting to do this for awhile now..and I have finally done it!! I think the hardest part at first was coming up with a good title. I love my dogs, and they are always subjects of my photos, so I knew they had to be in my title.  My sorority sisters have totally inspired me. So many of them have very, very cute blogs. I love keeping up with everyone's lives and this is the best way. I was always pressured into a MySpace page, and now a Facebook page, and have resisted thus far..I think this is the best way for me to express myself. I will admit that Lennox does have a Dogster page. I need to get one up for Lane. Check back and I hope to keep things interesting...