Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dining out for AIDS/HIV at The Kitchen

Kelly and I went and checked out The Kitchen on Thursday night. They were participating in the Friends for Life Charity and we wanted to try it. It was a little odd going in bc it is in the old Caspian spot and I was at Caspian all the time, dancing, eating, hookah-ing. They changed the decor a little bit, mainly the lighting and some new bar cushions. They have all local artwork on the walls that is for sale, and at good prices I might add. I didn't take any pictures, I don't know what was wrong with me!?! Kelly ordered the shrimp cakes and loved them. I ordered the pulled chicken salad and didn't like it. It wasn't what I had in mind at all. It was an oil, chicken, onion, peppers, and dressing mix on top of salad greens. I took a bite and had to send it back. I COULD have eaten it and picked around at it, but since the place was new and the menu was amazing I wanted to try something good and that I wanted to eat. So I got the smoked ham and gruyere cheese  panini with dijon mustard and a side of basmati rice. The panini was amazing, I ate every single bite of it. It was only $7 too. The rice was pretty good, and I am an expert, heck I am Persian! I wish I had some sumac in my purse to sprinkle on it. I don't think anything on the menu was over $20. The wine list was good and at around $6.50 for almost all the glasses, I thought it was a great deal. We had great service, a fellow UT Alum and dog lover. Ask for Chrissy when you go. 

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