Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Terrific Trot for Spot on Saturday

We were so lucky that the weather turned out great for Trot for Spot! We had a few sprinkles for the Jazzercise warm up and the 'Trot", but the clouds stayed dry for the rest of the day. Cloudy weather was actually nice for the dogs. 

Diane and Randy with Naomi (who needs a home)

Assisting Randy, the MC with the games

Zeus (who needs a home) was needing to stretch out and relax

One of the biggest dogs I've ever seen, one of the employees from our T-shirt sponsor Cargill owned him!

Karen and Willow (who needs a home)

The Girl Scout/KPAW Judges

Julie and Meredith our youngest participant

Cake Couture's Strawberry Cupcakes..

I will post some from the actual "Trot" on my next post....too many good pictures for one post! 


Emily said...

Adorable! Looks like a pretty good turn out despite the iffy weather we've been having.

Michelle said...

Great event - sorry I missed it.