Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flemings Leg of the Wine Race

We came out to support Brett and his two time winning Wine Race team on Sunday. They were in the first heat and Brett was the anchor. Spindini was ahead about 2 feet after Flemings had a rough start with a broken cork in their first bottle. Brett tried to be the hero, not settling for 2nd place and ran to the finish line..

Yep and that was the end of it...sorry Brett, there is always next year! Spindini ended up winning the entire thing!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vegas Vacation Day 3

Day 3, Sunday..we ventured out to Aria, the newest casino and loved it. It was very modern and wonderful. We had a drink in the lobby and Engin always meets the lovely ladies.

We had dinner at American Fish, it was delicious! It is a Michael Mina restaurant and Engin suggested it. This is the cool bar area.

My bacon wrapped Sturgeon, I think my first time eating it. The yellow stuff was squash and it was pretty gross, but the fist was wonderful! I loved it.

This was in the Aria around the Elvis theatre area, pretty cool, huh?

Yep Elvis, the King, had to give him a kiss from Memphis!

Cocktails on the patio at the end of the evening to wrap up a great trip at the Parasol Bar.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Pictures from Winter and Sabrina's 'reception' at Tryst!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Featured on Some Blogs

Lennox and Lane were featured on the great Pit Bull Blog Pitter Patter. And Meredith featured my shower on Friday night on hers! We are all so famous! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Vegas Vacation Day 2

On Day 2 in Vegas we got to catch some rays, which was really nice. It was gorgeous desert weather. The pool was really nice and it was a good day to relax and rest up for our big night. We even got in a little bit of shopping which was nice..

Winter got ready in Caesars and Jennifer, Teri and I assisted her. We got to do a mini photoshoot too, it was a lot of fun!

Tony walked Winter down the aisle for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we got in the limo and drove down the strip. We took so many pictures in front of the Vegas sign and barely any turned out! It still was fun to see bc I have been there several times and never actually seen the sign!

We had an amazing dinner at SW Steakhouse after Engin straightend out some drama with our reservation. We sat outside and got to watch a show every few minutes.

Blogger hookup! Finally got to meet my fellow blogger friends Sammy, he joined us for dinner at SW.

What a meal! The best dessert ever! This was a funnel cake on a tree like thing, we were so stuffed, but we ate them anyway..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Need Some Wedding Flower Inspiration...

Bear with me on this post. I stole these off some blogs, I am interviewing florists this weekend and wanted to show them so ideas of things I like. Although I thought I was selecting one or two pictures, I guess I got the whole page :( So I guess I will have to select each and make them bigger to show...oh well..enjoy some pretty pictures!!