Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pacquiao George

Saturday was a busy day, but I love busy days, so it was fun for me. The night ended with us at the Fox and Hound watching the Hatton/Pacquiao fight. I love boxing and really like how HBO lets you get a little into the personal lives of the boxers with their 24/7 series. I was favoring Pacquiao and so was Tony, but we really weren't into taking up Shannon on any of his bets, but Greg came up with one and Shannon took it. Julie and Greg had to name their first born Hatton or Ricky if he won and Shannon and Andrea had to name theirs Manny or Pacquiao. Yes, these are the type of things that happen when alcohol is involved. So Pacquiao kicked Hatton's ass, so Andrea and Shannon will have a Pacquiao George one day. That will be interesting explaining that one when he's old enough..

I have been wanting to see State of Play, so we went Saturday afternoon. It was one of the best movies I have seen since all the Oscar nominee movies. The cast is stacked, Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Helen Mirren, Viola Davis..and it goes on and on..Lots of suspense, lots of action..go see this movie. 

After the movie, I was a little late to Jessica's shower. It was a full 2 hours not what they told me at Malco. The shower was fun and I got to eat some great food. The hostesses did a wonderful job with the food and gorgeous flower decorations. Jessica got a lot of cute things for Baby Orians, I made sure she got some orange, but I think she got more Memphis blue. I had to be the last guest to leave, bc I had to catch the Kentucky Derby. It forsure is one of the best sporting events on TV. Its a quick one too. It was so exciting to see Mine that Bird come out of NO WHERE! 

Andrea and I met Kim, Christy and Kennedy at Rain for an early dinner after Jessica's Shower. Kennedy has gotten so big! She napped for the most of dinner, then woke up after we ate, I don't think she liked my flash very much because she kept making these faces, that I thought were adorable. Kim said they were her "Jason Faces". I love getting to see Kim and Kennedy when they are in town, and bonus I get to see Christy too, even though she lives here, we need to get together more :) Rain has happy hour every day from 5-7. $5 Menage-a-Trois wine and $2 domestic beers. We left around 7:30 and it was packed in there. 

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