Thursday, May 7, 2009


Tony and I just saw it. Wow, what a movie! I was kind of wondering how good it was because of the release date, you know not quite summer blockbuster season and way too early for awards season. But it was really worth seeing. Idris Elba really shows what an amazing actor he is because you begin to relate and really like him. Beyonce is decent in the movie, you feel for her bc of the situation, but she still isn't the best, best actress or anything. You get most of the story from the trailers, but there is so much more to the story that you can imagine. Ali Larter's character reminds me of a lot of girls in college that became obsessed with guys especially football players. I saw a lot of it, but not to this character's extreme. I never like to give away too much in my reviews, so I can't go into detail..but dang this is a must see!!! There is a great scene at the end between the two intense!

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