Sunday, May 17, 2009

BBQ Fest at Swine-o-Mite and Sicilian Smokers

Tony and I went to BBQ Fest with Tami Thursday night. Tami's roommate, Alvin is a member of Swine-o-Mite and we started there at their tent. 

Alvin shows Tony some of their secrets on smoking some delicious ribs. 

Alvin and Tami check out the jello shots..

I had to eat the ribs too!

We ran into Jessica and one of her friends..

Tony with Julie and Tami at the next tent Sicilian Smokers. They had some incredible food!!

Ian and Tami

Me and Tami on the dancefloor

Another picture on the dancefloor

We ran into Amy too...

Doing Shots from the Ice Luge

With Tony

Tami and the girls throwing beads...

We are so bad at taking these kind of pictures..

Another one of me and Tami on the dancefloor

Leaving BBQ Fest...


sammy said...

wow! a bbq fest and sicillian smokers AND drinking?? sounds like my kind of spot!...where was this and when is the next one!!!

and btw, swine-o-mite might be the word of the month!

Kembree said...

This is Memphis in May, the first weekend we have a 3 day music fest, take a break on the second weekend, the third weekend is the world championship of bbq and next weekend is the symphony and fireworks on the river..

Come check out BBQ Fest next May :) Memphis knows how to do some pork! :)

sammy said...

thats swine-o-mite!!!(this has to be read like JJ from good times to make any sense)

you had me a bbq championship!