Monday, May 11, 2009

Celebrating Mexican and Greek Heritage

Tuesday we went to La Hacienda Mexican restaurant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Mexican Heritage. Mexican food is on the bottom of my choices as ethnic food goes, but I'm always up for a celebration and can always find something to eat. Tony and I both had the quesadilla's and they were delicious. Tony's boss, Daniel was in town and we were also celebrating a big sale of one of his OSI tables. Margaritas were 2 for 1, so we all enjoyed those, many of those. 

Friday night, Randy and Diane invited me to join them for the 51'st annual Greek Festival. 
Our tickets included dinner and it was really delicious. I had the Kabobs and they were wonderful, they were pork, which was unusual, but very yummy.  If you didn't want the full dinner, there were several other things to eat from pizza to desserts. There was some vending, but not a lot.... Goat's Milk Soap, Jewelry, Tshirts...As we were leaving, I found a huge 'wad' of cash on the ground and asked around if it was someones. The Cotton Candy vendor had lost it and treated us to any of the sweets at her booths. So we took advantage of it and got cotton candy and baklava sundaes. If you haven't ever had a baklava sundae, wow!, it is something you gotta try..

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