Thursday, May 14, 2009

Neely's-Mt. Moriah was our 13th Stop on the Tour

We went to the Neely's Mt. Moriah location. We thought this might be the original or oldest, but the Jefferson one might be older, I think the original isn't there anymore. We need to find this out. Randy and Diane had just gotten back from their trip to Amsterdam and Dubai and had brought us all some goodies and some delicious chocolate.  Neely's of course is owned by Pat and Gina Neely who have a show on the food network. 

Kembree's Review: I have really been wanting to try Neely's for a longtime. Our friend's Melvin and Leslie live next door to the owners and watching their show on the Food Network, you feel like you know them.  The table shared the cheese and sausage plate and it was very good. The sausage was excellent, I think this is a great way to start the meal. Tony and I split the sampler platter which included beef brisket, smoked turkey, pulled bbq pork, pork ribs and all the rolls we can eat.  The rolls were ok, nothing special and I don't even know if I ate a whole one, not like me, I love bread! The brisket was ok, kindof chewy and not really something I seem to care for.  The smoked turkey was very good and flavorful. I nibbled on a rib, they are more of Tony's thing, it was alright. The pulled pork was good, the sauce was slightly above average. I give it a 3.5 out of 5. The service was wonderful and the restaurant was nice and clean. They even had easy listening music/jazz playing. The hardwood floors made it one of the fanciest bbq joints we have been to. 

Tony's Review:  I wasn't too impressed with Neely's. I thought everything we ordered on the sampler was too dry for my taste. I don't care for beef bbq, so I didn't like the brisket. The pork was alright, just alright.   To sum up Neely's-Not as good as advertised, awesome customer service, but the food didn't meet my expectations. I give Neely's a 2 out of 5. 

Diane's Review: Neely's barbecue was certainly average or above. I liked the meat because it was browner than some of the other places that we've been. The waitress was particularly helpful and accommodating. 3 plus.

Randy's Review: 
I wish the Neely's had been "in house".  I would love to have met them as I enjoy very much their television show. The restaurant was very clean and the wait staff most efficient and helpful. The food quality was average or above and the quantity was plentiful. My jumbo sandwich was so enormous that I had to attack it with a fork. The beans were savory and sweet; slaw was fine; and the barbecue spaghetti was good but not as great as Interstate Neely's.
Overall grading of 3.5.

Brett's Review: Neelys wasn't my favorite. I ordered the BBQ nachos, as I am prone to do, and I thought they were an exact replica of the nachos I get at ball games at the FedEx forum. Imitation cheese spread, not enough meat and stale chips. I've eaten there before and really like their hot wings but on this particular outing was less than thrilled about my meal. I give them a 3 outta 5 but that is heavily based on previous take out orders and the great service we received that day. I guess what I'm saying is never order the nachos. 

Courtney's Review:  I really enjoyed going to Neely's.  The place is huge and would be great for large groups. I mixed it up a little this time and ordered the chicken instead of the pulled pork sandwich.  It was delicious...moist and tender seasoned with Neely's dry rub.  I added some of their mild sauce and it was wonderful with the chicken.  I would definitely order this again. 

Loren's Review: Neely's...--had a small lunch there...but the spicy 
sausage that Brett shared from his appetizer were tasty, and not too greasy...I had a really good smoked turkey on a roll...Smoked turkey that didn't even have any skin...that's pretty good. Service was really really good for our group of 9...We luck out on service!! Who ever said service in Memphis sucked...???  ha ha..

Regina's Review: Neely's was an excellent choice.  The appetizer sausage was delicious-seared on the grill..mmm. The pork was just perfect. The beans were so tasty and different, I could taste the molasses and brown sugar.  I agree with Randy about the spaghetti, Interstate's was better. It's going to be hard to beat those two places in my book. The service at Neely's was 100% better. The chick at Interstate could learn a few things about customer relations from the cutey at Neely's. (Interstate chick was efficient though) Neely's was the first place we have been that I couldn't finish my plate! 

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