Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Am I EVER Gonna Get some KFC Grilled Chicken??

Today was the last day that my coupon was still valid. Yes, the one that Oprah made the biggest deal out of, that KFC was giving away a 2 piece Grilled Chicken Meal with 2 sides for free in such hard economic times. Well I had read that the Bartlett location had grilled, thank goodness I called, they didn't and said only Lakeland and Collierville. Lakeland was closer so I drove there. Well they had all kinds of signs up saying they were sorry but coupons were not good there. So I walk in and was told that I could NOT use my coupon, that I had to fill out a rain check form and one would be mailed to me! What is the deal!?!? I drove all the way out there and I have to wait to get a coupon in the mail!!! How much of a fraud  is this, KFC and Oprah??? I have yet to hear her mention this on her show...so I guess KFC had an overwhelming response, ya think? It was a free meal. It was on Oprah..so only one per household is being mailed I guess. KFC is not that savvy I assume and didn't think that everyone would go...UGH!!!! They didn't even have the chicken ready even if I wanted to BUY IT and try it. Get organized people!!


Angy said...

KFC did a commercial that only aired late at night stating that they were"overwhelmed with the response" and "could not honor the coupons at this time". The commercial then went on to say that you had to take your coupon to a store for a raincheck to get it later. Ridiculous. They should have been ready for this especially if Oprah wasi involved in promoting it.

Kembree said...

Ya, that's what happened to me, but I never saw that commercial...that is embarrasing for them!