Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Three Little Pigs makes Twelve

We went to
Three Little Pigs at 5145 Quince on March 10, 2009. Tony and I revisited it on Sunday May 10th too. Three Little Pigs has been in East Memphis since 1989, according to their website,  so a strong business for 20 years. 

Brett's Review:  Three Little has been around for more than 25 years that I know of.  Not the greatest BBQ you'll ever have but good none the less. It's right around the corner from my
house and I go all the time.  I always get the Jumbo Pork
(no slaw) and fries.  Three little pigs gets a 4:5 from me.  I don't care what my friends think!!

Randy and Diane's Review: The barbeque sandwich had too much sauce. I didn't think the quality of the meat was comparable with some of the others. I would give it a 2. Randy said he would give it a 3. He's been to better places. The beans weren't that good. He did like the Sister Shubert rolls. He thought that was a nice touch with the bbq plate.

Kembree's Review: The first time I went to Three Little Pigs with the group, I had just gotten over food poisoning, so I really couldn't eat like I wanted to. 
So Tony and I went back on May 9th for a 'do-over'.  I got the bar-b-q plate with hushpuppies, corn on the cob and fries.  I had the choice of beans or slaw as well. The hushpuppies were really good and very fresh tasting, a big surprise. The fries were seasoned, but kind of chewy and average. The corn didn't have a lot of taste and I had to season it will a lot of salt. The bbq was good and moist. The meat was very pink.  The sauce was kindof tart and more vinegar based than tomato based. It was ok, the meat was more mushy and I like it a little crisper. The kids behind the counter and I say kids, so maybe high school is more specific, were really nice and friendly. I would give the pulled pork a 2 out of 5. But I really like the rolls and the hushpuppies, they would get a 5 out of 5..maybe I need to go back for the breakfast...

Regina's Review: Nothing here I need to go back for. I couldn't taste the meat bc it was so covered in the sauce. The beans were not as good as my own and I don't think that slaw was made in house. 

Tony's Review: How are you going to have a bbq spot and not sell ribs? I thought this was very odd. I got the plate with bean and slaw. The beans and slaw were just fine, nothing special. The bbq was just average, the sauce was the same. It didn't seem like a real bbq place with kids running it and the food came out cold.  There wasn't the same time and effort put into it so its even hard to compare. The breakfast menu looked pretty good, maybe that is what they focus on. I give a 1 out of 5. 

Courtney's Review:
I was a little disappointed in Three Little Pigs. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't anything special. (other than the company of course!)I had the pork sandwich (my usual) and thought the amount o
f meat on the sandwich was a little bit skimpy. Some of the other places we've visited are alot more generous with the portions. The meat had plenty of sauce on it but I'm still waiting to taste the perfect sweet BBQ sauce. Their sauce was thin and had some sweetness but I could taste alot of vinegar. The meat was very moist and tender but lacked the rich smokey flavor I look for in pork shoulder. The staff could have been friendlier, also. We have been to a dozen BBQ restaurants so far and have met some wonderful business owners who have been so willing to talk to us about the history of their establishment or pose with us for photos. Three Little Pigs lacked the Southern hospitality we've encountered on so many of our other stops on our BBQ tour.

Loren's Review: With my unsophisticated palette I liked the capt johns much better than pigs cuz it was moist and the spicy taste was just right. The pigs were dry and too smokey. The portions
 at capt johns were generous and the owner was friendly and accommodating.  Not any thing great to be said for the service at pigs. Not sure what there lack of service was about.


Emily said...

I love your restaurant reviews! Keep them coming :)

Anonymous said...

Their breakfast is suppose to be really good there.

Tony won't like it because they don't serve ribs, but when I ate meat Tops BBQ was one of my favorites. It's more fast food style bbq like Three Little Pigs so that's why no ribs.
Also, you should try Bryant's on Summer Ave, and they too have awesome breakfast.

Kembree said...

We are doing ALL bbq joints in Memphis, so Tops is on the list too. We were skipping around so much we are doing it alphabetically now..I'm a little behind on posts, so I have 13, 14 and 15 coming up soon.

megany09 said...

I'm partial to Three Little Pigs because I lived right around the corner. I think the bbq's good. Better than Corky's but not nearly as good as some others.

I'm looking forward to your reviews of other bbq places!