Monday, May 4, 2009

Big Orange Caravan with Coaches Kiffin and Pearl

Tuesday night Kelly, Tony and I attended the Big Orange Caravan at the Hilton Memphis. Tony and I got there early to get a good table and to officially meet Coach Kiffin. He was very nice and charming in person. It still blows my mind that he is only 1 year older than me. I know age doesn't matter, bc growing up with a dad that was a coach, he got more experience than he needs, but still I feel old!

We got to see Mark Ingram and John Currie too. I used to work with them back in my VASF days in college. John used to pick on me alot about my wardrobe choices, but heck I was in college of course I didn't know better than to wear the shortest dresses and skirts to work! :) He always suggested that I shop at the GAP, so I assured him that night I was in Banana Republic for this event. 
Ran into Coach Pearl as well. He has the most animated personality of anyone that I have ever met. He has a great memory too bc I have met him two other times. During his session of the Caravan he told so many Memphis jokes, the crowd was loving it and yes, he did his "It's Great to be a Tennessee Volunteer" rap! He said he goes by Jew-Z on campus now. 
We also ran into Union City's finest Mark Griffin. I used to see him a lot when I was in school and on vacations, but it had been years. He was in town for work and happened to come by for this event. This is for Kelly's brother Will who is the President of Mark Griffin's fan club! 
Of course there was a silent auction and I bought a ton of stuff! But let me tell you, I am all set for a game at our house or tailgating, platters, bowls, napkins, cups, and wine! GO VOLS! 

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