Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Trot

Well I didn't walk a dog for Trot for Spot. I really wanted to stay behind and get some good pictures which I did. There were so many Humane Society volunteers that walked our wonderful dogs that need forever homes. I think about 40 of our adoptable dogs got walked and I think that is wonderful. I can name EVERY single dog, but may have some trouble with volunteer names (SORRY!!). You can notice the Girl Scouts and KPAW girls handing out the water, they did such a great job! What a fun event!! If you couldn't attend this year make sure you do next year..

Here comes Denver, the longest resident at the HS

Here comes Lynne with Boston, whom a good Samaritan found running on the Interstate and saved...

Here are Courtney and Brett with siblings Jan and Bobby who were born at the HS

Marge with Clooney and another volunteer with Simon, who's been on the blog before

Shari, Hannah and Jennine walking Giselle and Shelia their own personal dogs

Tony walked Chiba, one of his favorites, he said she was VERY strong :) 

Greg, Beth and Andrea with Harper, a HS alum, Prissy and Buck (Tony and Chiba in the background)

A collection of my Wednesday group, Celia, Marge, Amy and her husband Rich with HS Alum Seraphina (who's put on some much needed pounds:)

One of our walkers with Zach

Linda and her niece with Harry

Romi and Trevor with Saxon and Archie


dyanna said...

I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

Toni said...

I'm so glad everything went well for Trot for Spot. Hopefully, we can move back to Memphis and participate next year. I loved seeing a picture of my Denver boy. Now, if someone would just adopt that sweet boy!

texas2tennessee said...

Hey! Where the pics of Buck winning all his contests??? I had a lot of fun at the Trot. The burgers were good and Julie made some hella-yummy cupcakes!

Kembree said...

Buck and Andrea are in the previous post! :)