Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Queen of the Vine and The Great Wine Race

So this was our first time going to The Great Wine Race, and I'm really glad we went. It was A LOT of fun! It was held on Beale Street starting with the parade and entrance of teams. We came to support Brett, who works for Flemming's, but they only participate in the race. So we got to check out all the other teams for the parade, the Queen of the Vine and the Grape Stomp. It was a gorgeous day outside and people watching was excellent. 

The Queen of the Vine contest was crazy! It was like Spring Break. The restaurants get their hottest girl, or craziest one, and get her to dress in next to nothing and shake her rump on stage. Brett told me at Flemming's they don't let the girls ever do this. I was surprised to see Ruth's Chris entering a girl, and she was grinding on another girl when they played music in between. A couple of the girls where cute and deserved to wear their thongs and bikinis, but a few, a few had no shame and needed to spend a little more time in the gym before sharing that much skin with a crowd of over 2000. 

During the Grape Stomp, that was pretty slow, we cooled off at Wet Willies. I had 2 Call a Cabs. Whew! I forgot how great those were!! Engin had a Weak Willie, yep a Weak Willie.  I gotta remember about that place, those drinks are great in the summertime! It's been years since I've been there. 

Engin loves the ladies and got his picture with The Queen of the Vine and the other girl that I thought was cute and coulda won. The Queen represented Red Rooster and the other girl, Kooky Kanouk. 

I caught Tony and Engin checking something or someone out..and this guy had a great save in the race!

Here is Brett bringing home the championship for Flemming's!

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Emily said...

That looks so fun, I need to go next year.