Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm on Comcast!

Here I am with Simon. Simon is one of my favorites and has been at the Humane Society since 2007!! He is on one of the segments I am doing for Comcast to showcase our residents at the Humane Society. Courtney just explained to me how to find these segments since I don't have Comcast, but DirecTV, only for NFL Network :)

Go To Channel 001 (Comcast Channel/On Demand)
Scroll Through the Categories 
Select Get Local
Then Choose Pet Adoptions
You Have the Option to Choose Cats Or Dogs
You Then Can Choose and Individual Cat or Dog
Or Choose All Cat's and Dogs

I think this is only in the Memphis area..but Dena and I are filming tomorrow as well! So pass this information along so everyone can see our wonderful dogs and cats!!

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