Friday, April 10, 2009

CAC's Amazing Race

Not only do I Jazzercise, but I also am a member of Cordova Athletic Club. It is a great gym! I did the Lose 8 Feel Great when I first joined and won some cash. The latest promotion is The Amazing Race. It is $10 for members and $20 for non-members. You can register now at the Cordova Athletic Club and the Race begins on April 18 through May 2nd. 

Complete 20 classes in 14 days (2 classes max per day)

Fill out a card after class

Track your progress on the map

Check winers board daily for prizes

Grand Prize Free Day Spa Package for Two!

So everyone that comes that is a non-member and signs up for the race, I get an extra time in the daily drawing. I think its a great deal to jump start your workout plan even if you can't come to 20 classes. Its usually $10 to just come use the gym for the day for a non-member. I plan on making it to all 20 classes..This is the current schedule of classes. My favorites are Trekking, Boot Camp and Core Ball. Let me know if you wanna join me on this great Race!


Anonymous said...

Are you posting from Puerto Rico?

Kembree said...

Yep I am in Puerto Rico! I'm not the best at lounging around and relaxing..I had this post typed and posted it today :) Tony loves to lay around and do nothing so I'm doing my best at doing that..