Saturday, April 25, 2009

Exotic Mushrooms and Tennessee Wine

A couple weeks ago, Randy and Diane had us over for dinner. Before we ate Randy wanted to show off his latest find in his back yard. Randy and Diane live about a mile from us, but their house is next to a nature preserve and a small lake. So they always have cool things in their backyard from deer, to exotic bird and now to exotic mushrooms. I don't eat mushrooms, but these did look very interesting. Randy and Diane looked them up and thought that they might be the famed Morel or Morchella Mushroom. There are lots of sites on this type of mushroom and they are very expensive. Apparently they have quite a few in their backyard, so if anyone knows how to cook them properly let me know and I will get you some. 

After examining the Morels, we had a delicious dinner prepared by Diane and some good Tennessee wines to go with it all. We had brought over some from Stonehaus that we got in Crossville over Thanksgiving. It was a nice sweet Homestead White. Randy had just done some work in Paris and we had a nice Merlot. I will say that these were two great wines and hey we were supporting our state economy right? 

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