Sunday, April 5, 2009

HangN Judge, yes the hot spot of Fort Smith

So following our second set, we wanted to venture out and check out the nightlife in Ft. Smith. The downtown consists of one long 'strip' of bars and restaurants and some random shops. Some of the members of the Town Club suggested HangN Judge,(spelled several ways we found out Hanging Judge too) so we went to check it out. Wow!! We walked in and I swear all eyes were on us. We looked so different I guess from the assortment of people there for a night of drinking. There was a line that wove around table to hit some punching bag, some random game that about all the guys in the bar were trying. It was so strange to hear that loud noise every minute or so from some manly man punching with all of his strength. After a few minutes, Engin and his entourage from the Club came and livened things up. Gina even made some friends that bought us jello shots! :) Some of the most interesting people watching ever, including a full term pregnant girl-cigarette in one hand, brandy sifter in the other..After a fight broke out between a guy and his girlfriend..and people were thrown out, we took that cue and left as well...Looking around on the net there is actually some history there.

Yes, we looked out of place at the Saloon 

I tried and tried to get a picture in front of the men's bathroom "Cowboys Never Squat with their Spurs on"

After we had enough of HangN Judge, Engin took us to a fabulous bar down the street, Hooters, even bought us T-shirts.

The next morning we taught a Bellydance Class with the ladies of the Town Club.

Last shot of Garrison Avenue ...


Anonymous said...

It sounds like an interesting evening. I've lived here my whole life and never heard of Ft. Smith, AR. How far from Memphis is it? What is it near? Will you ever return there on purpose?

Kembree said...

It was about 4 hours and 15 minutes from here, apparently the bellydancing was a hit, so we might be back for that. Engin the GM used to be the GM at the Racquet he is doing the Town Club right :)