Monday, April 27, 2009

No more Sidekick

Well today is the last official day that I will NOT have two phones. I have cancelled my service with T-Mobile, thus getting rid of my Sidekick. I've had two phones for 4 years. Before that I had a phone and a two-way pager, remember those?..before all the phone texting craze? So after that I got a Sidekick bc it all of my clients had them and it was the best way in keeping in contact with them, I barely used it as a phone, just for texting. Then last year, Sprint came out with the wonderful Blackberry Curve and I got one, making the Sidekick obsolete, but since I was under contract I had to stick with them until today. So no more 901.338.4192 number or email. The Sidekick was great, too bad Danger, the maker of the Sidekick couldn't keep up with the technology out there...bye-bye Sidekick, we had some good times...

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