Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crawfish and Pizza

We attended the Porter Leath Crawfish Boil on Sunday. The weather was very nice, then it got a little rainy and cold. It had stormed that morning, but then it got really nice out, so we decided to go. We had never been, and I'm glad we went. Walking into the festival we caught the 'Crawfish Races' and saw the pounds and pounds of crawfish to be consumed. We bought the 3 lb bucket for $15 and went in the Pier restaurant and ate! I'm not totally on the eating something with eyes and all that still and breaking the tail off and going at it. I stopped every once in awhile bc it was kinda grossing me out, but Tony is a pro and ate most all of them. I ordered some fried crab stuffed shrimp off the Pier's menu and they were yummy. Brooke came out and met us after her mani/pedi at Gould's and took her up on the offer to go watch NBA Playoff's with Ray at their house. The Pier had one terrible TV in the bar area and we couldn't see it very well. I do want to come back and eat there for sure and enjoy the gorgeous view! 

After hanging out a few hours at Brooke and Ray's we were hungry again and went and had Pizza and Movie, not literally, but had some yummy pepperoni and sausage pizza. Cute little restaurant with some darn good pizza! 

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