Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Puerto Rico-Day Two Friday

So Friday was our first full day in Puerto Rico. It started out a little stressful for me, because I don't like to lay around and relax for very long. I know, not too many people out there like me, but I got up around 8 and was by the pool by 8:30. By the pool..big mistake and maybe the cause for me getting antsy to do something!! Let me preface this with saying that I really like kids and hope to have some ONE day..But the pool was overcrowded with kids. Kids jumping, kids screaming, kids splashing...parents yelling and screaming at the kids..hello get up instead of yelling across the entire pool area, we are the the Ritz now..again I love kids and everyone that is reading I love your kids too. But I don't know what I was thinking trying to hang by the pool. I guess bc the pictures were so pretty on the Ritz Carlton website and I was in awe of laying down by those lions that spew water out of their mouths. And most of the hotels we stay at have a cool pool environment..well not Easter weekend at the Ritz. So after being a little bored and Tony hanging in the room, well I guess bc he doesn't need a tan as bad as I do, we decided to walk over to 101 Lounge literally around the corner for some yummy sandwiches. I loved the fuchsia colored plants on the way to 101 Lounge. 

After eating I finally got Tony out on the beach and we walked around and took some pictures. 

After a day in the sun we decided to search for some seafood. The concierge gave us lots of suggestions, but I ended up finding Koco in the El San Juan. It was WONDERFUL!! Perfect setting for Tony and I. It was very contemporary and decorated like a lounge in South Beach, yet with a little bamboo feel bc everything was that green color. 

We ordered a pound of crab legs as an appetizer and although they came out chilled and we didn't realize that, they were still really good and Tony was very happy. This FL boy loves his seafood! 

We also decided to order a few small plates since I wanted to eat everything on the menu. We ordered Batata Lollipops which were sweet potato-melanga croquetas with ginger scented pork, Carribean Lobster salad with lime vinaigrette and avocado, and the mahi mahi tacos with fresh jicama slaw on top. I loved everything and could have eaten more of all of it because it was so good! 

After dinner we moved into the lobby area and had drinks at their Azure Blue Bar. All drinks were blue themed, I had a cosmo that actually turned out  purple and Tony finally found some Crowne Royal at this bar. No where had Crowne before this, and I know Tony was wanting some after drinking rum the whole time so far. We met a cool couple that live in Manhattan and ended up hanging with them the rest of the night. 

After the 'blue' bar we moved over to the other lobby bar and had some random red drinks! 

We decided after that to check out Brava, the club that came highly recommended by Donte' after his last trip to the El San Juan. Yes! Finally some good hip-hop to dance to and even a poll for me to practice my 'stripper moves on'! I promise I was very ladylike! :)What a fun, fun night! 


Emily said...

Fun! I used to get emails all the time from the El San Juan clue why, I think I signed their guest list online once. always seemed like a great place. The trip looks great so far!

Kembree said...

If we go back we will stay at the El San Juan, it was more hip and younger, more us :)