Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No KFC Grilled Chicken in Memphis

There are 10 Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurants in Memphis. KFC wants Memphians even fatter. Aren't we always in the top 5 fattest cities? Well KFC isn't helping. Yesterday was the big "Come try our grilled chicken for free". I looked it up and most of the grilled chicken is 4 grams of fat per piece and 80-180 calories depending. So not that bad right? Well we wont get to try it in Memphis. The only location that will have it is the Bartlett location, which is not that close to me. I guess they either think Bartlett needs to lose weight or Bartlett eats healthily. Anyway I know all this because I of course went to my Cordova KFC to get my free piece and I came out with two fattening chicken strips instead. I insisted I get something free, and dang it smells so good in there!! Whew, its been forever since I've had some good fried chicken, now don't get my started on those biscuits! Now explain to me why they have the KGC (Kentucky Grilled Chicken) boxes!?!?


lmelvin said...

I'm a business reporter with The Commercial Appeal. I'm doing a story on why KFC doesn't have the grilled chicken here.
I'd love to quote you about your KFC experience.
Please call me when you get a chance.
Lindsay Melvin

Patrick said...

I agree, this is just stupid. Best idea they've introduced ever and Memphis locations are refusing to carry it? What the hell?! Have you called their regional management to find out what the story is?

Kembree said...

I haven't called management, but the manager at the Cordova location was super nice and didnt seem to have an explanation. I feel like I have a lot of complaining lately to do, I'm mad a Panera as well, I will post about that soon..

Anonymous said...

i just read online the reason is not Memphis fault. Our 21 franchises are owned by Jonesboro-Arkansas Fowler people and they refuse to rather not put the grills in the store because it is going to run them a few thousand dollars per grill. I think that is a very poor move because Memphis is one of the fattest cities and the number 1 laziest cities. im very upset about this

Kembree said...

Maybe if we all complain enough, something will be done...???..