Friday, April 17, 2009

Puerto Rico-Day Three Saturday

Day Three started out with us out on the beach in the morning. There is so many types of police on the beach in Isla Verde it's crazy! While on the beach this morning we saw two different types of boat police, helicopters, 4 wheelers and here on horses. The German guys that took this picture I guess thought I didn't want the cop (decapitated) in the picture. 

After a morning at the beach we decided to go into Old San Juan and check out the 2 Forts that were built to 'fortify' the city of San Juan. The first one we came to was Fort San Cristobal finished being built in 1783. It was amazing to see the type of work that was done in this fort. It was so windy up there too, you can tell by my sideways ponytail. I set my camera up to take this picture and the wind kept blowing it over too. 

The Perla section of town is right below the walkway between the two forts. Amazing because it is a not so nice part of town and they have total ocean front views. I guess they were having a rooftop party up here. 

Here I am in one of the sentry boxes. 

Inside San Cristobal..lots of these hallways...

The flags..

View from the top!

View from the top!

Leaving San Cristobal..

All the locals flying kites at El Morro

One of the views out of El Morro

View from the top of El Morro

View from the top of El Morro

One of the areas where the soldiers would shoot at enemy ships

The view from this tiny area

Gotta squeeze through here..

Looks like it belongs on a chess board..

At this cool bar El Batey, this is what brought us in..

El Batey

Walking down the street to El Jibarito

I think I consumed this much of FRIED Plantains

Plantain Burrito and Mofongo..all the fried food I kept eating..

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Michelle said...

Beautiful photos! I'm a sucker for dogs too so I would have ended up in that bar as well.