Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"FIXING" Pet Homelessness

We attended the Mid South Spay/Neuter Services event on Friday at the Madison. Amy Kalkbrenner is the Executive Director and is also a dogwalker at the Humane Society, so of course I was happy to support her cause. We met her great staff as well as the head Vet Iris, who was very nice and had a lot of good stories. This is the only clinic in the Mid South that offers low cost spay/neuter. Here are some facts that I learned. 

2 dogs can create 12,228 family members in 5 years
2 cats can create 11,801 family members in 5 years
The City of Memphis Euthanizes over 12,000 animals per year
That is 36 animals a day!
PLEASE 'FIX' YOUR PETS!! It only takes one time for you dog/cat to get out...

 After the party we walked over to Grill 83 and enjoyed some great salads at the bar. And the bartender attempted to make my Cuban Cortadito! It was pretty good. 
After Grill 83 we met Ben at Rain and he and Tony did some Saki Bombs. I was too tired to participate. Ben was getting excited bc his wife from Peru is finally getting to come to the United States to live with Ben after a year of marriage. That DJ at Rain is great..


Emily said...

I read an article on Rain in Memphis Magazine. I still don't get it though....it's a restaurant that turns into a club at night? (Sort of like some places downtown?) Or it's always a restaurant but they have a DJ in the corner? (Sort of like what Pacific Rim used to do...or maybe they still do, I haven't been late at night on a weekend in a while.)

Kembree said...

They are the same ownership as SPR, yes eat and drink while the DJ plays. They have couches, big chairs, etc, we didnt dance or anything, but just hung out like in a lounge.