Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm a Follower

Ok, so I list all the blogs I read on the right hand side of my blog. I added the application for people to 'follow my blog' (aka Persian Pit Bull Fan Club) a few months ago. So I thought out of courtesy (??) I should sign in to 'follow' other people's blogs. I read them as they update daily anyway, but now I'm a follower and it didnt do anything. Help! So does that application do anything? What's the point? 


Anonymous said...

Now that you're "following" your photo shows up on those blogs in the followers box. You also have updates on your dashboard every time those people post to their blog.
Sometimes following brings new people to your blog. I know that I click on the profiles of others people following the same blogs as I do. I figure if we like the same blog then I might like theirs.

Nicole said...

OK, I get all my blogs through google reader, so I haven't tried the "Follow me" thing yet. But I think I'll start following the "blogger" blogs and see how that works.

Kembree said...

Ok, gotcha..I just saw that everyone was doing the 'Follower' things so I thought I should to, although I HAVE been following bc My blog list updates who has just posted and how current..thanks! I still feel new to blogging although its been 7 months :)