Monday, April 6, 2009

Buddy Garrity at Rain

Tony and I were going to see Push Friday night, but I discovered the Push that is still playing is not this Push: the one I kept hearing so much about, so instead I wanted us to take our time, go out to dinner and have drinks after. So then, where to eat? I have sooo many coupons to restaurants and I wanted to use one, so I let Tony decide between an $8 off $20 purchase at Colletta's, a 15% off dinner at Wasabi or a $8 a $30 at Thai Bistro. We chose Thai Bistro. It was soooo yummy as usual, and packed! We got the last table around 8:30 that night. The service is great there and they have the best dessert in town, which I passed on, only bc we were stuffed and the Beignet Bites take about 4 people to eat. 

Afterwards we walked over to Rain, which had a DJ that night. Tony had been the Friday night prior and wanted me to check it out. I was looking forward to a glass of wine bc I didn't have any at Thai Bistro, so I quickly ordered one and was carded. Searched my purse, but no wallet (oh, ya! I ran in the post office earlier to mail Teshia's gift for Eli and left it in my car!!). No wallet=No wine. Well that was ok, but Tony didn't want to drink alone, so after lot's of peer pressure, I got him to order me a shot of vanilla vodka that I dumped into my Diet Coke. This was soooo my fave drink in college. Breakin the Rules..Breakin the Rules..

I was so entertained and didn't really want the wine after the interesting foursome next to us on the couches. A Buddy Garrity lookalike was with a lady and another couple. They were sooo drunk and saying the weirdest stuff. At one point the other guy dressed from head to toe in Affliction (not my fave), was overheard saying "If I had six months left to live I would fu&K everything in sight". Then Buddy Garrity kept kissing his hand and saying "I love you" to every passerby. I love Friday Night Lights, so this was just too funny to me. When the DJ came on, we moved on the other side of the aquarium to save our ears and to be a little warmer and away from the door that everyone kept opening. Now we didn't have Buddy to keep us laughing, but some random lady who totally looked outta place walked by and continued wandering around the restaurant. So weird and even weirder when I noticed her pants were unzipped all the way. We both got tired and ended the night then..but we will forsure go back for the people watching!


Anonymous said...

What and where is Rain? I'm yet to hear anything about it.

Kembree said...

Rain is in the spot where Fuego, then Costa Vida was on the corner of Germantown Parkway and Cordova Road, next to Party City, PetCo, Bonefish (same shopping center)

Emily said...

I've never heard of Rain either! It's a club? I went to King Biscuit a ton years ago, but I heard it just closed too. :-/ Not that I live anywhere near there, of course :)

Michelle said...

Depending on where you are, people watching can be pretty entertaining - sounds like you hit the people watching jackpot :)