Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The most dramatic Rose Ceremony Yet!-TalkShow FollowUp

Ok, so I just finished up watching all the talk shows commentary on the Bachelor. I did say I was obsessed. I am working today, just fast forwarding through these shows to see the good parts. So, Kimmel had Jason on, as well as NKOTB, so that was cool. Jason says he and Melissa spent Christmas together, that was not 6 weeks ago?! More like 8 or 9 weeks depending on how you count it, so this makes me wonder what is going on with the show and how real is it all? And Jason claims that he and Melissa were broken up when he broke up with her, so she knew it was over, so why was she wearing the ring? Kimmel was hilarious saying he could be like Flava Flav and how he picks a new girl each season! NKOTB was pretty good, I liked their new song. Remember I am fast forwarding to all the good parts. I had to go to trekking this morning and didn't get to see Jason on GMA, so I Tivoed that too and I guess I just missed Jason, bc he wasn't on what I got. So I had Regis and Kelly next, I was sure Kelly had some good commentary. Well she didn't even watch, but Regis just kept making fun of Jason for crying so much. I agree, never seen a guy cry that much! Ok, that wasn't even worth taping. Now on to the View, I know Elizabeth with have something to say. The only time I want to hear what she has to say..Elizabeth is fired up! Ok, again not worth me Tivoing..Well time to move on and do some work..

UPDATE: Ok after watching ATFR Part 2, Monday night's episode was 6 weeks ago, so the engagement was 12 weeks ago. I don't know why they try to make things so confusing!! 

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