Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feelin' Better

So, I'm finally feeling myself again, still not all my strength, but at about 80% or so. I can't fully workout and its really killing me! I got on the scale yesterday and I lost about 2 lbs, but you know those Saltine's are about 11 calories for one! I ate the entire box in 4 days, all 4 sleeves! Not that I was worried and wanted to lose weight, but I already feel flabby from not working out all week. So I'm thinking food again already. I'm ready for some Flemming's tomorrow night and getting ready for our garage sale on Saturday..more to come on that later! I don't think I will ever have a craving for ranch again!

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Emily said...

Losing weight when you're sick is always hard! I know I stuff my face when I'm sick, hoping to fill myself of nutrients and vitamins. Good job, and I'm glad you're feeling better.