Monday, March 9, 2009

Expired Ranch?

Well today starts my third day in a row in bed with no energy, strength or appetite. It all began Friday night with some exiting plans to celebrate Brooke's birthday at Benihana. I have really been wanting to go to the new Benihana since it had burnt down months ago and reopened not too long ago. Brooke's birthday was Saturday and what better time to celebrate with everyone! Andrea and I met for Spinning at 4:30 so we could totally pig out on all the fried rice we could eat and not worry about it. After Spinning I was really hungry and thought I would eat some carrots I had just bought and I found some ranch for dipping in the fridge. Tony was laughing at me bc I was so hungry and he was actually eating a lot of the carrots too. Next, I get in the shower, feel fine..get out and all of a sudden I feel my stomach kinda churning and get a nauseous feeling. So I told Tony I was going to lay down for like 30 minutes so it would pass. Well it really didn't so I started getting ready and got sick in the sink, yes all those carrots in front of me again (gross I know). I thought it was a good thing bc I would start feeling better at this point, Tony goes and looks at the ranch and it was Best Before Feb 2, 2009. So yes expired ranch! I RARELY ever eat ranch, but for some reason it sounded good with carrots just to keep me full before all that yummy Benihana I was about to eat. Tony thinks we should cancel, but I swear I'm going to  be better now that I got those carrots and expired ranch out of my body. So we get in the car and go..I'm not feeling that great, but know once I get some fresh air I will be ok, well we are about to get off the exit and I get sick out the window of Tony's SUV. He pulls over and I'm insisting I'm ok, "Let me just bring Brooke her present". He is so irritated at me and keeps saying "No, No, we are going home!", but I beg that we are right by Benihana and I need to clean up in the restroom. We pull up at the same time as Brooke and Ray and they saw us on the side of 240! Ugh! So embarrasing! I give her the gift and go inside and clean up. Andrea and Shannon were at the bar and I explain that we can't stay. I swear I HATE to miss a party, especially one that I got together. I don't think Tony wanted to even come in, but he did and we actually took some pictures, not with my camera, it was still somewhere in the Sick-Mobile. Shannon took a bunch I"m sure my pale face will look great in all of them. So everyone gets seated, I'm so sad at this point, I really wanted to stay, but I know I need to leave. So we drive home and didn't make it the whole way before me throwing up in a church parking lot by our house. Once making it home getting sick again and again. I was to run at 5k Saturday morning and obviously had to miss it as well. Not to mention Lynne's Tattoo party Saturday night as well. I really don't know where Saturday and Sunday went. Thanks to Pedialite and Saltine Crackers, they were the only things I could consume. It is so strange not to have an appetite. Its been years since I have not felt like eating, I love to eat, even when I'm not hungry I cant eat. This is the worst feeling ever. Tony, Lennox and Lane have been great nurses. Tony has got to play his XBox quite a bit, but Lennox and Lane were loving being in the bed by my side. Lennox is very sensitive and knows when I'm upset and stays glued to me. Tony brought me my laptop on Saturday, just in case I wanted to blog. I didnt even feel like it! He did get silly and videoed me and the dogs Sunday night, no one better see that one! Thanks Tony! Thank goodness for the Keeping up with the Kardashian's marathon on E! yesterday, fun, mindless TV is great when you want to relax.  I have a call into my Doctor now waiting to find out what is wrong with me!!! Surely almost 3 days of sickness cant be blamed on expired ranch can it? 

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