Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where was the paparazzi!?!?

So I thought I had caught up with my posting, but I'm over a week behind on this one. Last Friday night we had the best Grizzlies tickets that I have EVER had. I bid on these at Wine, Women and Shoes and successfully won (bought) the tickets. Got a great deal on them too, considering these are $600 each! So I have sat on the floor, several times actually, but never center court like this. And since I have been, they have opened the Floor Seat Lounge, not to be confused with the Lexus Lounge. The Floor Seat Lounge is complimentary beer, wine and food until the end of the 3rd quarter. The food was actually really good..all Italian and I enjoyed my 5 glasses of wine :) Now, not only did we have center court seats, but we had one seat away from exactly center court, you know where the big Grizzlies head was. I kept thinking the paparazzi would be taking our picture and I kept sucking in and looking cute. So much pressure, you don't wanna look silly while you are down there. But I don't think anyone took pictures of us like the ones you see in US Magazine or People. But we had one of our best times together ever! I love to take it all in and people watch, and I discovered up close and personal how cute Rudy Gay is! Tony just really loves basketball and loved the seats, he's a major seat snob!

Line to get food in the Floor Seat Lounge and the huge projection TV. 

Ok, so I thought just maybe he would get us on TV, but no :( Although several people did see the backs of our heads! 

Tip Off, good shot, huh?

Grizz Girls, they actually did a good routine, the two girls in the front were cute, the rest, well..and where we sat at least we didn't have to see them doing their silly old school bootie dances during the game. 

Close up, I was getting anxious bc no one else wanted to take our picture!

Ok how much more perfect could the half time show be!? These were shelter dogs that these guys rescued and made trick dogs!! They made me think of my friends Toni and Courtney they love these hearding types. Border Collies, Australian Shepherds..I just LOVED the half time show, I need to write a letter, they need to bring them back! 

We were amazed at their tricks, the dogs were so fast, most of the time I missed them and didn't get them in the picture, but I did get a few..LOVED THIS! 

I don't know where everyone was!? Most of these seats were kinda empty. Who can buy a pair $1200 a game and not show up!? Tony looks cute in the hat I got him for Christmas :)

Go Grizzlies!!

This was kinda a bootie routine, but they were together nonetheless..


Rudy!! He is so cute!! Go Rudy!!

I couldn't stop taking pictures! I think Tony said this was the last one!

Ok, so after the game there was a gospel concert and a local group came out to sing before and who walks up, but our girl Leslie!! Right in front of us! Go Leslie!! 

Mary Mary was there for the gospel concert and they were REALLY good! Very contemporary gospel with an RandB feel..loved them! 

Mary Mary (click on this to see them on BET)


Michelle said...

I would have loved to see those dogs. And the Grizzlies too, of course!

Laura said...

So much fun! I'm not a Grizzlies fan, but we got to sit in the center floor seats at a Bobcats game. I had so much fun with all the special treatment and loved the lounge.

Emily said...

Awesome seats! I love going to the Grizzlies games. I've never had that good of seats tho! :)