Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Workin the Southern Women's Show

Happy St. Patrick's Day, tonight we are going out for Winter's birthday. But this weekend, I volunteered at the Southern Women's Show Friday afternoon and Sunday morning/afternoon.Yes in between, our Wine Dinner at Flemings, Garage Sale, and Germantown 5k!  I always like helping out, especially when it benefits the Humane Society. Friday we had Mr. Big in the booth with us. He is a 4 lb Pomeranian that after 3 years his mom decided she didn't want any longer after birthing a human child of her own. I wonder what happens after she decides she doesn't like that one!?!? She said he just got in the way, wow 4 lbs!! I couldn't even figure out how to hold him properly he is so tiny!! Now, my 70lb boys get in the way, but I would NEVER give them up, never ever ever!! I love talking with all the great people who come by the booth and want to tell their rescue stories and donate to us. But I hate meeting those crazies that want to dump their 14 year old Pomeranian bc she is wetting some in the house and 'Well I guess I can just put her down'. But in the next sentence asks what breeder 'we got Mr. Big from' bc she does want another one that she will keep in a kennel. UGH!!!! Sometimes I think everyone needs an education or orientation with us or Memphis Animal Services to see how many dogs and cats there are out there and the sick and injured etc, etc. Sunday was much better. Amy, T and myself worked the booth and got a lot of donations, thanks to Peppy who was a STAR! I was trying to think who would be really calm and relaxed in our booth, bc we were not allowed to walk a dog around the show. Peppy was perfect for this! She sat by our side and then when a child or adult wanted to pet her, she came out for her love. She was perfect. Peppy has been at the Humane Society since 2007 and according to her file, she is about 3, but I would say she is more like 5 or 6. She would be perfect for someone that wants her to just hang out with you all day long. Come Adopt Peppy!!  I also did a little shopping at the show, I got some 600 thread count sheets for only $20 bucks and The Original ShamWOW's for $20 too. Let's hope those were good deals and not too good to be true! :)

Me and Mr. Big on Friday

Peppy, showing off our Recycling Program and taking a break in the back of our booth.

T, Amy, Me and Peppy in our booth.


Michelle said...

Mr. Big and Peppy look so cute! Sorry to hear about the lady who gave up Mr. Big because he "got in the way". Some people think pets are expendable and those people shouldn't be pet owners.

Buck Rogers said...

That sucks I was literally 5 feet away from you and didn't realize it. I was working for WRVR and FM100 in the Orpheum booth