Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Garage Sale and several new "friends"

Some Fabulous Finds

The shoe collection gets smaller and smaller each time!

Kelly and I show off the clothing rack

Tony models some hunting gear with Andrea

I love having Garage Sales..If you can get past how bossy I get, they are really fun to do. Tony's theory is that he doesn't expect a return on his shoes when he buys them, but heck you sure can, especially with Tony's shoes! He sometimes wears them once and then when they arent cool anymore, he tosses them. I do the same, but they are really really out of style by the time I get around to it. I have a massive collection as it is..This was my third sale with all my shoes, I think I started out with 120 pairs and I think right now there are 18 pairs left. I know I need to just get rid of them, but I had a huge box of clothes and shoes and now it has dwindled down to one medium box! When ever we sell our house (yes its up for sale and I need a post of it, but so many more fun things to talk about) I will have one last moving sale. Tony and I made about $190, so all four of us actually made over $1000, Andrea and Shannon the big sellers with over $400 in their pockets. But I will say we advertised a bunch! Craigslist, The Commercial Appeal and I joined 4 yahoogroups that are for selling and garage sales. All six outlets worked. We had those that called and wanted to check out things early, which we didn't get to do, but I did send two different ladies over to Andrea's and Jessica's that bought lots of their large items. Netta even did a blessing of Jessica and Sean's home and Carolyn called me several times like we were old friends. We also met Shelia the Garage Sale Diva who made her presence walking up asking if she knew who she was and had me introduce her to the other girls. All in all with the light rain for the first two hours of opening and the cold weather in the upper 40's, it was a fun time and we were all glad to get rid of our 'junk'. 


Nicole said...

The foot bath thingy!! I have one of those up on a shelf too. Need to have a garage sale...

Kembree said...

I think Andrea sold that for only $3!!