Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is how we roll

The only good thing about being sick, (the ONLY thing) is being able to catch up on stupid TV and blogging. I stay behind with blogging as it is, bc I stay pretty busy and work must come first, but I must keep up with reporting on all fun things that I do :) Well the Friday before sickBenihana Friday we went bowling. Tony had been out of town a lot that week and told me to get a group together for a night of bowling. Avery, Tony and I got appetizers at Interim. FYI, as of now, they are not serving their oysters that were amazing according to Tony. (I don't eat raw oysters), but we did discover that they have great yellowfin tuna, and I loved their redfish. After Interim, we met everyone else at All Star Lanes in East Memphis. There is a bowling alley in Cordova that is pretty nice, but All Star has full bar service and is nice for non-beer drinkers like me. The teams worked out great with 4 girls and 4 guys, we had a great Friday night. 

The Guy's Team (in order by height) Tony, Sean, Shannon and Avery
The Girl's Team-Andrea, Me, Winter and Sabrina
Cute picture of Andrea and Winter, that I think Winter took :)

Avery won most of the Guy's game, of course he came with his own balls.

I was Champion of the last two games after losing the first by a lot!
Here's Proof! 

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