Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Watch Out Gayle!!

Did anyone watch Oprah on Friday? I'm always a little behind bc I Tivo everything, to my defense I wasn't even in town on Friday, but I heard Justin Timberlake was on there, so I had to watch when I had a free moment today. Ok, great show, but Gayle said something that REALLY made me mad, so mad that I am going to write a letter to her and Oprah. Gayle and Oprah were so excited to see what kind of dogs Justin had. They show a picture of his two Boxers and one Pit Bull. Oprah made some comment like, "Oh you have some dogs". Oprah I commend your efforts on getting people to adopt dogs, but come on, we all can't have Cocker Spaniels or Golden Retrievers. Yes some of us have "dogs" as you made that special tone in your voice. Gayle then says "Aren't you scared your dog is going to turn on you?" "That's what they say about Pit Bulls". Ohhh she drew blood if you ask me, I took offense on that and they will be getting a letter from me. I wish Justin would have stood up for his Tina better. I think Tina is actually Jessica's dog, but whatever. I already was a little irritated that Oprah didn't do a show on Michael Vick or his rehabilitated dogs..BOOO Gayle! I would love Gayle to come meet my boys or any of the other wonderful Pits I know! It's on Gayle!!!

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rebecca said...

Ohhhh, I saw that. I was pretty angry myself. Our little Patches is scared of squirrels ~ she wouldn't hurt a fly. ANY type of dog could do something bad, it's all in how they are raised. I'm glad you said something.