Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The most dramatic Rose Ceremony Yet!

Ok, so is anyone else out there as obsessed with The Bachelor as I am? Not Jason, this particular one, but just the show in general!? OMG! So Jason picked Melissa, which kinda shocked me. She is much cuter and had that wonderful bubbly personality, but seemed so immature and not ready to parent Jason's son Ty. Maybe hang out and be his friend, but be this perfect wife and mom!? I will say the ending was so cute, they all jumped in the pool, laughing so happy the three of them..But so many questions. Molly was seen majorly teasing her hair before the final rose ceremony, then she had this side bang that kept getting in her face. Jason kept pushing that hair back when he was dumping her. Was it the hair? Molly kept telling Jason he made a mistake. I guess she was right bc Jason dumped Melissa on the After the Final Rose Show. They hung out and 'spent the holidays' together  (what holidays?? President's Day, Valentine's Day, The Inauguration?) for the last 6 weeks and he wasn't in love with her anymore..just Molly? Was Molly's reaction when she was dumped foreshadowing.."You have made a mistake!". So when they bring Molly out she says she is still in love with him. Ok, almost everytime the dumped girl comes out, they say they are getting over him, or are over him. But she is still hanging on to an engaged man that dumped her? Then Chris Harrison after he knows Jason still loves her eggs her on with "What would you do if he still loved you?". Hello!? Is this fake or what!? Then they bring out Jason, and he says he loves her and its so fake, she 'acts' shocked then they start making out the the couch! WTF!? Ok, I want to be sucked into the whole wow, they are really in love and lasted through his engagement, but its seemed so strange and Molly kept looking away the whole time Jason was confessing his love for her! Well Molly looked horrible AGAIN, brown dress with a plastic black headband and I'm sure teased up hair. Ok, BOTH of the final girls look MUCH better with their hair up then down. Molly's hair looked like she had slept then woke up then put this black headband on. I wish they much happiness, but poor Melissa, and for that matter DeAnna. Dang, they advertised her coming back trying to get Jason and he just flat out said he was in love with two other women. Kinda pitiful if she flew all that way over there, then after less than 5 minutes she was told no way. Well just more questions..so sad about Melissa and her only explanation was the 'Chemistry just changed'. I'm still going to watch and for sure watch the After the Final Rose-Part 2, tonight when I guess the other girls will weigh in on it all...whew! It was the most dramatic Rose Ceremony yet! 

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Laura said...

Maybe I'll have to start watching again next season. It sounds like eveyone really got into it this time.