Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halfway through Fantasy Football..

Last night we had a great crowd at Rain for MNF Follies. It really is a great time with $15 beer buckets (6), 2 for 1 Sake, and roll specials. Not to mention prizes, last week I won this stupid "Bowling for Soup" CD, who they heck are they anyway!? This week MAJOR upgrade, I won Lady Gaga's CD. Tony got a "Where the Wild Things Are" Tshirt and a 107.5 coozie. Maney and the 107.5 crew do a great job to keep the crowd into the game and make it a lot more fun than just watching the game. We actually pick a team who we want to 'follie' or sack, create a penalty, etc.  So Brindle Invasion is in 5th place tied with 4 other teams with a second place record behind the Hudmuffins and Shannon's team name of the week..I think its Chug-A-Lug. 

At the Fox and Hound

At Skimo's 

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