Wednesday, November 4, 2009

3 Radio Personalities in Memphis Spreading Stereotypes

It first started out with Captain Pat on Kix 106 talking about the article that I actually posted something about, giving CPR to your pets. He said on air, "You shouldn't give CPR to a Pit Bull because he will bite your face off". I do not listen to this station, but lots do. Stupid comments, why would someone say something like that, its not even true, I'm sure they might try to French Kiss you but...

Next it was on Fox 13, and interview with Mike Flemming who is a local radio personality and in this interview  said "All Pit Bulls should be wiped from the face of the Earth". We are not sure how to contact him, bc we found out his radio show is no longer on the air. 

Lastly and the WORST..Drake and Zeke on 98.1 morning show made some very hateful comments onair. Pawsitive Pit Bulls is calling for a boycott. I don't listen to them either. I've been told for more than 20 minutes they were on air and taking calls talking about how Pit Bulls were bred to kill, are born killers and can never be trusted. They also talked about watching out for your children because Pit Bulls will maul them. Sounds like a bunch of crazies trying to stir something up. Something that could get this town wanting some Breed Specific Legislation.

Yes, there was just a case of 3 Pit Bulls getting out and attacking a dog when a woman was walking him at 3am. The woman laying on top of her dog, so these dogs bit her to get at her dog. VERY sad, VERY disgusting and should not have happened. I just HATE it bc the owner was NOT responsible and is in jail now with a $500, 000 bond. He deserves it bc he does have a record and needed to contain his dogs if they were going to act like this. Reading further into the case, I have heard the woman who was attacked, well her daughter has a Pit Bull and knows how wonderful they are. So thank goodness they won't be going after Pit Bulls. 

I sent the Drake and Zeke boycott to 107.5's morning show, who I do listen to, Maney and Riley to see if they wanted to respond or have Julie Perry with Pawsitive Pit Bulls on, or myself. But no response. 


Pawsitive PitBulls said...

I have got a few emails saying that I should let this go. The people that are saying that did not hear the clip on the show.
I heard it, and I can vouch that it was an absolute nightmare for Pit Bulls.
Since I could not get a response from them through emails or my leaving voicemails, I resorted to their facebook page and told them I was sending out a request to all Pit Bull owners I know to boycott them. Last night, I got a response on the f.b. page. I responded back being just as much of a smart-ass as they were. Oddly enough, when I checked the f.b. page this morning to see if they have responded, all of my comments were deleted, as well as theirs. They didnt want people to see what I wrote back to them, because I busted them out and caught them in their lies. I wish you could have saw those comments.
I am sticking with my boycott, despite what others have to say.
All I am asking people is this, if you care about the reputation of these dogs, boycott them too.

Kembree said...

Well I don't listen to any of those radio people, so they are boycotted and I am posting on here to tell others that do listen, so they know. My friend Leona also saw it on FB so we know you are telling the truth. Anyone else hear it?

Princess said...

Wish I was there to help boycott!