Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not since 1921..

I am still not 'in love' with the black jersey's we wore last night. I mean I think the guys did and played great again for the third straight week (besides the kicking last week..boooo). I think I don't love the black bc the pants didnt seem to match the pants..oh well, brought us a great win against Ol' Spurrier.   Go Vols!!


Angy said...

I agree - if they had worn black pants with the black jersey it would have looked so much better! But it was a great game!

sammy said...

i kinda liked the uniform change.

but not so much for georgia. they looked like a pop warner football team. the red face masks was too much for me

Kembree said...

Well apparently it was a last minute thing, and won't happen again, well I'm sure if there is another special game they would, but it fit on Halloween to do it, and sure won't hurt recruiting!! Go Vols!