Friday, November 20, 2009

Didn't have a winning bid on any dog houses...

We attended Barkitecture with Brooke and Ray at Woodland Hills a couple Friday's ago. It was a great event that focused on a Dog House Auction as well as an amazing silent auction to benefit the Golden Retriever Rescue and the Weimaraner Rescue. We got to vote on our favorite dog house then bid on them in a live auction. We didn't go there wanting or expecting to get a dog house, our dogs are inside (in our bed) dogs and there was no need. But after looking at how cool they were, we decided we wanted one. Well I decided and Tony gave me a limit. They auctioned off about 12 houses and the 2 I focused on went above my limit. The others didn't but I really liked these 2 and they were close to the end, so we didn't end up with one. But one of the builders was there and we got his card so maybe there is a cool modern dog 'playhouse' as I would call it for Lennox and Lane in the future. 

The builder of this one that I loved. 

Cole, one of the dogs in foster care that attended the event. 

Ray and Brooke, I loved that they supported this event and don't even have a pet :)

At our table

We got this 26" TV, 3 private dog training sessions at our house (much needed with the new house), and a year of home baked dog treats to come each month! I love getting good stuff at auctions, especially when it helps a good cause like these doggies!! 

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Kari in WeHo said...

that sounds like AMAZING stuff that you got!