Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kamron's 40th

Well since I keep posting depressing info, I wanted to post some pictures when my family came in town.  We need a smile. This was the weekend we DIDN'T move. But they had already planned on coming in and Mika bought a flight to surprise Kamron, so we went ahead with it. Julie, Cake Couture, made this great cake for us! It was so delicious, my family was fighting over who would get the leftovers. 

Lennox and Lane thought they would get some..nope not this time boys.

This picture would have been perfect if my Dad wasn't directing Tony on how to take the picture!! DAD!!!...FYI..Mom, Me, Kamron, Mika, Dad.


Emily said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Is that your mom, I assume? You look exactly like her!!

Kembree said...

The blonde is my mom...yep.