Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Orange Jello Shots Anyone?

So we got to the PetsHotel a little after 7am on Saturday morning to drop the boys off for the day to head down to Oxford for the UT game! Winter and Sabrina met us and had Jello Shots waiting..jello shots became the theme of the day. We got a guy to set up a tent for us and there was going to be 20 of us in it! 

Haley Kelly and I were rocking the orange and brown. I said we could have been in a girls group or band. 

Tony and Brooke

All the girls..too bad the light was so bright in the background!!

Jello Shots!! Take Two

The Boston/NYC guys that we met in the tent next door, we shared shots with them, these guys go to one SEC game a year and this one was it this year. 

Jello Shots Take Three
Jello Shots Take Four

Jello Shots Take Five

Kelly and Kelly with their Jello Shots

Great way to sneak it in!

Showing off the T's

Thought this pink tent was cute!

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Laura said...

I'm jealous, I've always wanted to go to an Ole Miss game.