Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

How now..

The best ice cream...might be better than Mint Chocolate Chip....omg!!! YUM!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful in the ATL

Just finished off a great meal with my family in Atlanta...I'm thankful for my boys who are in the kennel in Memphis, I'm sad and wish they were here with us....I'm missing them right now..but thankful to be around a lot of my family, especially my niece and nephew. Lots of pictures to come!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Grove aftergame afterparty

Andrea and Tami

Engin loving his wiener

Awake one minute

Asleep the next..guess that's what almost 40 does to ya!

Gameday at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium

We had a lot of fun for the most part of the game until #22 ran all over our defense and we couldn't take it anymore, well and we wanted to go back to The Grove! The fans around us were super nice too as well as the best weather we could have asked for!

Eli Manning shows his Rebel Pride

Ole Miss's little Hip Hop guy

I guess this is Colonel Rebel, not Colonel Sanders

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And your guest speaker didn't show up...??

This post was to be before the last one, I accidentally missed it, but we went to a Big Orange Caravan event at the Racquet Club the Thursday before the Ole Miss game and were listen to two guest speakers. Two guys that played football at UT when I was there, back in the old days I feel like when I tell Tony about it. Anyway, so they didn't show and literally minutes before Mark Ingram asked Tony to speak about his recruitment and his experience at UT. He did a great job, especially for he having about 3 minutes to prepare. We met some nice Vols there too and they took some pictures of us and Kelly. 

Orange Jello Shots Anyone?

So we got to the PetsHotel a little after 7am on Saturday morning to drop the boys off for the day to head down to Oxford for the UT game! Winter and Sabrina met us and had Jello Shots waiting..jello shots became the theme of the day. We got a guy to set up a tent for us and there was going to be 20 of us in it! 

Haley Kelly and I were rocking the orange and brown. I said we could have been in a girls group or band. 

Tony and Brooke

All the girls..too bad the light was so bright in the background!!

Jello Shots!! Take Two

The Boston/NYC guys that we met in the tent next door, we shared shots with them, these guys go to one SEC game a year and this one was it this year. 

Jello Shots Take Three
Jello Shots Take Four

Jello Shots Take Five

Kelly and Kelly with their Jello Shots

Great way to sneak it in!

Showing off the T's

Thought this pink tent was cute!

Monday, November 23, 2009


He might have been the cutest one wrinkled and stocky...he didn't live that long..RIP little guy...

The South isn't rising with the KKK

Wow, so the KKK did indeed protest at the Ole Miss campus this weekend when they played LSU and were 'shouted down' with students counter protesting them. Good for them.  I can't get over the KKK on this campus, because you want to think Ole Miss isn't how it was in the 60's. But I have to say I don't see this helping with their recruiting in any sport for that matter. Ya, go to Ole Miss and you might have the KKK protesting "The South Will Rise Again" being chanted during the games...yep Lane Kiffin hope you will use that one. Ole Miss did kick our butts this year!! We had a fabulous time in The coming soon, but I'm so glad the Clan didn't ruin our weekend. 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stupendous SpayTacular

Wow, so The MidSouth Spay and Neuter Services SpayTacular was a great event raising so much money to keep low cost spays and neuters available in our area. A record amount of money was raised and I really want to thank my friends who helped support this event by attend and donating!! It REALLY means a lot to me to have support from my friends on something that really means a lot to me. With all the craziness we have had in the past month finding out all the horrible things being done at Memphis Animal Services (The Pound), it is just more and more important for pets to be 'fixed' and its wonderful we have a place that offers this at a low cost. So.....Thank you to Carlos from Folks Folly, Regina from Jazzercise, Chris and Winter from Platinum Jewelers, Julie from Cake Couture and Randy and Diane for their donations and contributions. And my fabulous friends (pictured below in our 'Mafia' Family photo) Shannon and Andrea, Ernie and Jennifer, Tony (my love), Greg and Julie, Tami and Matt, and Kelly. And to Loren who was bidding on the silent auction from Chicago! Thank you so much all of you I am thrilled to have the support. Barbara Standing was the chair of the event and did an amazing job, so hats off to her as well. She wrote a great article that featured a picture of Julie and I in the Commercial Appeal and Shannon was sweet and took a lot of pictures that afternoon as well.

Tami and Matt

Jennifer and Ernie

Greg and Julie

Andrea and Shannon

Philanthropic Alpha Chi Sisters

With Tony

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yes, the boys have a new fence!

Well it took long enough, but the boys have a new fence! The fencing company put up a temporary chain link one while they built ours but with all the rain, it took almost 2 weeks to complete it! So we got shadowbox on one side and iron along the back to keep our view. When they started putting up the iron I noticed that there were the pointed ends that I specifically didn't want because I am always a worst case scenario person and I thought, what if the boys are jumping trying to get at a deer or squirrel and their collars get hung!? No way, so I had they guys add an additional bar on top and along the bottom for extra security. 

This was our old fence

And the new one!