Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shore Club v. Fontainebleau

Ok, so I love Miami. And this time, my trip started out as business but then turned into business/pleasure. I came to see a client who is also my friend and Tony's too. So he suggested Tony come down and hang too. Soo..after staying at the Shore Club for two nights, we moved to the Fontainebleau for the next two nights. I have stayed at the Shore Club many, many times and I LOVE it. It is small and boutiquey and has a nice exclusive feel to it. The rooms are very basic and simple, which is the style and feel of the entire hotel. I have so many wonderful memories at the hotel...I did find out that they are about the renovate the hotel soon which I find interesting.! The Fontainbleau is NICE! It is HUGE! I got lost at least 2 times. I had never stayed there and there are so many floors and buildings, etc, etc. The pool was super nice, I mean there were like 8 pools. The Shore Club has 2 main pools and I think 2 private ones (Penthouse and Private Bungalow) its pretty easy to know where you want to lay and the people watching is amazing. I will say I saw a ton of Athlete/Rapper types at the Fontainbleau, but that's kinda normal to me, but Paris Hilton was staying there while she was in court that week, she had just checked in before us, I will give the good celeb stalking to the Shore Club.I saw Michael Jackson's kids there once, well checking in and through some bushes at the private pool.  The Shore Club is smaller and more Miami Beach, where I would say the Fontainbleau is more Vegas and offers more restaurants and clubs. The Shore Club is closer to Lincoln Road where you can shop and eat, The Fontainbleau boasts views of the ocean and intercoastal. Gosh I loved them both..I cannot wait to go back this fall for some Dolphin's games! I took so many more pics at the Fontainbleau only bc it was my first time there! And there is always the W that just opened....decisions, decisions..

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Toni said...

I'd be happy at either...they both look fabulous!