Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NKOTB Make Me Feel Young Again!

At the Majestic, preNKOTB. We tried to eat at Orleans on Front and it was closed. Anyone know anything about this?? We got there at almost 6pm. Anyway, Majestic had some great Rose' cocktails that we all enjoyed. 

After walking from Amy's condo on MudIsland, we got some girls to take our picture. One of the girls is a server at Mulligan's and recognized me when I went up there this weekend. Poor Kelly missed her connection and had to get on a new flight, so she missed the show. Amy called her friend Marcy to join us last minute. 

One of the girls was rocking this old school button of Joey. He was always my favorite! I wonder where my button like this is..??

A good shot after Jesse McCartney. He was good, but I didn't get any good pictures of him. They let us walk in with Amy's purple vodka martinis in our red solo cups no problem. Wow, those were good drinks, can you tell?

Us again..


One of the best shows I have seen in a long time. They really brought me back to my youth, but this time was really different. I mean we walked from Amy's gorgeous condo on MudIsland, didn't have our parents chaperone us, and we brought in cocktails.

All of us sudden there was Donnie right behind us. 

And Danny..notice the empty seats back there, what's up with that? I thought this was a Sell Out?

Donnie and the crowd

I think Donnie is telling Amy to come up and dance with him. 

There's Amy with Donnie.

The 5 guys looked so good, they aged well. Again, one of the best shows and 'funnest' nights I've had in a long time. 

Hangin Tough

Early 4th Fireworks


Haven't lost the dance moves..

Elvis Tribute..

Please don't go girl..


Emily said...

Hot!! You were right by Donnie!!!!!! My friend would have passed out, she loves him. We were on the other side, I couldn't even see where Donnie was when they came out in the crowd. That's awesome! It really was a good show, all "New Kids" joking aside that people seemed to do, it was a good performance and the crowd was super into it.

I'm even following the guys on Twitter now. I'm that big of a NKOTB dork. :)

Kembree said...

Funny bc we could only see Donnie and Danny. Yes, so entertaining and really for the fans..I cant imagine anyone not loving that show...I feel that it was so good, I cant remember all of it bc of the fun!

Lauren said...

you are so funny.
There is a Nathan Elsberry (Atlanta, GA)on face book - I wonder if he is that stupid?

Kembree said...

Leave him a message and ask him! :)

megany09 said...

Re: Orleans on Front, I know the Voodoo Room, which is the bar downstairs closed. Shane and I tried to go for lunch on Friday, and it was closed. While I can't definitely confirm anything, it makes me think that the restaurant might have gone under with the bar.