Friday, July 17, 2009

More of Miami...and me eating and eating..

Saw my girl Marianne while I was in Miami, met her for a drink at Nobu. And met Spiro, Steve and Ayanna's new French Bulldog..6 weeks old, isn't he ADORABLE!?!?!?!

Had dinner with Donna at Solea the new restaurant that just had opened 3 days before at the brand new W. This is a shrimp if you can believe it!?! The food was wonderful, also had the yummy chocolate dessert!

Dinner at the condo Friday night, yep Pizza Hut pan pizza..I can't stop eating!! 

Out Friday night with ERay's crew at the W. Love this hotel, it is gorgeous. 

We then went to old school hip-hop night at Love Hate..loved Love Hate :)

Eating AGAIN..the biggest burger EVER I think! 

The lobby at Icon, so Art Deco, I loved it, the concierge even ducked down so I could get a good shot :)

Jet Skiing on Sunday with Alfred and Laverna

Until next time...

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