Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The celebration continues at the Beauty Shop and Celtic Crossing

Before the proposal, I had wanted us to go to the new Raiford's and dance! But when things changed that day (my life forever right!?) our plans changed. We decided to meet some friends out for drinks. Kelly started us off with some Wedding Cake Shots at the Beauty Shop. Aubrey, Engin, Winter, Sabrina and Chris all joined in on the celebration. 

We ended the night at Celtic Crossing, and Tony and Kelly ending the night with Wedding Cake shots. 


special k said...

Good times! So glad I got to celebrate with y'all the night of your engagement. And wow - how messed up do I look in the last pic with Tony?? Lol!

Kembree said...

You blinked in a bunch of them!! It was a fun time, glad you joined us..