Monday, July 27, 2009

The Proposal Story

So, by this time most of you have heard it...but since Tony was so smart and I can upload my pictures on CD's that I did at Wal now get the pictures of really how unprepared I was..I still gotta figure out what to do about my computer, I guess I gotta take more pictures off of here..

Friday night we went to SaddleCreek Sunglass Hut and both picked out some new sunglasses, this was my anniversary present to us. Tony picked out two old school "Michael Jackson" Ray Ban's and I got a cute Versace pair of shades.  We found out we were showing the house the next morning so we got home and cleaned up a little bit and finished watching "Into the Wild" which we had started the night before. I was so tired, I just had to lay down and I feel asleep immediately apparently.  Got up early that morning cleaned a lot more, almost thought we would make it in time to show the house by 9am.  I was fussing at Tony, rushing around, etc, etc. We got done in time and showed the house, they didn't like our floors, oh well, so we went to Starbucks, came home and sat in the backyard, talking talking..Tony kept saying that I needed to open my anniversary gift. He had this huge box in his car. I thought he had ordered something and he was hiding it from me. It was a pretty big box.  He likes to get me purses and jeans and stuff sometimes, so that was normal seeing a big box. So I finally was like, ok and started opening it in the kitchen. Tony was in the living room part of the time, walking in and out as I opened it. I opened the big box and there was a smaller one inside of that box. Tony said, "Oh I didn't know they put it in a another box" then I opened THAT box and yet another box but this one was a UPS box with a bow on it. Still I'm thinking what the heck??? I knew it wasn't some jeans now. He then said, "Lennox and Lane, come in here and see what I got mommy." They came and sat on either side of him.  So..I open that UPS box and there is any 'Easy Wedding Planning Plus' book. I was thinking, "ok, thanks for the book", I think I did say,... "What are we gonna start planning now".  Next thing I know Tony is on his knee and I pretty much went blank. Apparently I didn't say much for about 5 minutes (according to Tony)  in total shock. I was thinking, What ring is that?, What is he doing?...I finally said, yes and we kissed and all the good stuff, then I thought, "We didn't take any pictures.." So we took a couple of pictures and later a video. He totally caught me off guard. Yes, we have been together for 9 years and have spoken about getting married, but he still totally surprised me. I mean we started the morning cleaning, rushing around, I was still in my pajamas practically. I had always envisioned being atleast showered when he proposed. Looking back, I'm really glad he did it that way and we got to share the moment with our Lennox and Lane. 


Anna said...

Sometimes the very personal stories are far better than the glamourous ones. This is one of those times. Congrats again!

Toni said...

I agree with Anna. What a special moment for the entire family.

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

Congrats - seems like it all worked out perfectly

Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

Brenn said...

Aww. That is still so sweet!

Re: Mags. I had no luck at Walmart or Target either so the book stores are the way to go :)

Kembree said...

Thanks, it did end up being a great proposal bc I was TOTALLY caught off guard. I think if we were at dinner or something like that I would have suspected. But Tony is so calm and laid back he might have been able to pull off anything. He is much more private than me this was his way of doing it. I really did love that the boys were there too :)

rebecca said...

How sweet! I am so happy for you guys!

bknd2anmls said...

That is so sweet.

bknd2anmls said...

What a beautiful ring!!!!

bknd2anmls said...

I just read your "About Me" section again. That's exactly how I felt with Bella's Blog....if I could just help one animal or change one animal abuser's heart....that's why I did it too.

Your boys are beautiful! Glad you did this blog for all the misunderstood Pit Bulls out there!

Your boyfriend is cute too! :)
Happy Engagement/Wedding/Life!!
Diane :)